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In Memory of Rita Shaw

Rita Shaw[Introductory Note by George Shriver, co-managing editor, Labor Standard: Rita was a longtime Editorial Board member of Labor Standard and often contributed substantially to maintain our web site and keep our magazine presence online. I remember with special gratitude the interview she gave Labor Standard in 2000 at the time of the anti-globalization protests around the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, where she lived. We will miss Rita’s support and participation enormously. Below we post links to two reminiscences of Rita, by Labor Standard editors who were especially close to her: the first by Bill Onasch and the second by Ann Montague.]

[After Rita's passing we have had another loss: Jerry Gordon, a former editorial board member of the predecessor magazine of Labor Standard—Bulletin in Defense of Marxism. We hope soon to post tributes, reminiscences, and related material about Jerry.]

Message from Rita’s companion Joan Sandler: Rita would be honored and moved by your plan to create a home page for her. I know that her memory and accomplishments will live on with the countless people she influenced and inspired.

The gathering last Saturday was very satisfying. We had about 60 friends, family, and comrades at the open house. Some spoke of her as a helpful neighbor, others as a tireless fighter for social justice. And, of course, her children and I remember a loving parent and wife.

Carry on your good work and let's all keep fighting. Rita would have wanted that.

Comradely, Joan

Rita Shaw, 1930–2016
by Bill Onasch

Feminist, Trotskyist, Militant
Rita Shaw, 1930–2016
by Ann Montague